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Clinical Research: Why a Physician Anesthesiologist is Important to Your Care

  • Anesthesiologist Direction and Patient Outcomes – Silber Study: A study published in the Journal of the Society for American Anesthesiologists used proven, statistically valid methods not previously used to evaluate this topic before. The study concluded that the odds of death were 8% higher in cases not directed by a physician anesthesiologist and the inability to rescue a patient having an adverse outcome was 10% higher. Because of the statistically sound methods used, this study should serve as a basis for determining anesthesia models and cost saving measures.
  • The Cochrane Collaborative – Evidence-based Review Did Not Find CRNA Care Equal to Physician Anesthesiologist: The Cochrane Collaboration is often used to support the premise that CRNAs can provide care without the supervision of physician anesthesiologists. It is important to note that the study has serious flaws including that it presented no new data, did not take into account high-risk patients and did not have a random control group. Furthermore, the researchers admit that it was difficult to determine who administered the anesthetic. The only valid conclusion this study makes, is that no conclusion can be made based on the current research available.

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