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Do you really want to play the odds?

What’s Happening

We’ve reached a critical moment in healthcare -- for patients, physicians and communities. Conglomerate hospital behemoths like Carolinas HealthCare System – now Atrium Health – can have unhealthy consequences for patients and their communities. To increase profits and not necessarily lower your hospital bill, Atrium Health is making radical changes to your local anesthesia care that will seriously jeopardize patient safety. This dangerous precedent would allow the system’s management to set standards for practicing medicine, rather than having clinicians determine what's best for their patients. Atrium Health’s market dominance and predatory tactics also give it control that limits patient choice and threatens local physicians’ ability to provide care.

If Atrium Health can dictate how anesthesiologists practice medicine, what other doctors will be next?

Don’t go to sleep on radical changes in anesthesia care.

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Atrium Health’s actions may have negative implications for patients, physicians and communities across North Carolina. Click here to share your concerns with leaders of the hospital system, as well as your elected representatives in the North Carolina General Assembly.

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Affected Physicians

As physicians, we all have a vital interest in upholding the highest standards of medical care. The aggressive tactics used by systems like Atrium Health cannot come at the expense of patient care and safety in our communities. We must take a stand.

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Do you oppose the aggressive and questionable business practices of large hospital systems like Atrium Health, which may be jeopardizing the health and well-being of patients, physicians and our communities? If so, act now by signing the petition.

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